DIY Dyed Ombre Basket

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DIY Dyed Ombre BasketWhat’s better than an organized home, you ask? An organized AND colorful home! If there’s one thing that helps me keep my space clutter free, it’s having a designated place to put items. The more baskets and storage containers, the better– especially when it comes to my craft supplies! In less than an hour, you can turn a simple rope basket into a statement piece for any shelf.  Because organizing may not be fun to do, but that doesn’t mean it has to look boring! Here’s how:

DIY Dyed Ombre BasketTime: 45 minutes


– Rit All-Purpose Dye in your favorite color

– Rit ColorStay dye fixative

– White cotton basket

– Large bowl or bucket

– Gloves

DIY Dyed Ombre BasketIn a large bowl, add Rit dye to hot water and mix well. The hotter the water the better, so I even used my stove to heat the water before mixing in the dye. Because I wanted a more vibrant blue, I used about a third of the bottle.

DIY Dyed Ombre BasketTake your basket and place it into the dye bath so that it floats on top.

DIY Dyed Ombre BasketCotton is naturally absorbent so you’ll notice the dye slowly spreading up the basket from the base that’s in the liquid. You’ll also notice that the longer you leave the basket in the solution that the dye will seep through the cotton and fill the bottom of the basket. This is totally okay and will help with the ombre look!

Just be sure that only a small part of the basket is submerged; if you have to empty some of the dye, lift the basket straight up and let it drip out of the bottom. This method will ensure that the base will be a darker color than the rest of the basket because it’s in direct contact with the dye bath. To stir occasionally, gently move the basket in a circular fashion in the bowl. And if you want a bit of unevenness to your basket, just tilt the basket side to side.

DIY Dyed Ombre BasketWhen you’ve achieved your desired color gradient (mine took about 10-15 minutes), remove from the dye bath and rinse with cool water. Once the water runs clear, and you clean the bowl, fill it again with hot water and add 4 tablespoons of the Rit ColorStay dye fixative. Add the basket and submerge. Stir occasionally and remove after 20 minutes. Rinse in cold water and let air dry overnight.

DIY Dyed Ombre BasketWhen your basket is dry, add supplies and get organized! Such a fun way to add a pop of color, don’t you think?! I really want to make these in a rainbow of colors to keep my shelves tidy!

DIY Dyed Ombre Basket

DIY Dyed Ombre Basket

DIY Dyed Ombre Basket