Dyeing with Kool Aid

Time: 30 minutes – 1 hour
Materials: For the Makers Soft Focus Collection Kit

Dyeing with Kool AidIt’s a rare treat to come across a diy project that actually smells delicious; we deserve a break from all the glue and paint fumes once in awhile, right?! If you’re looking to add some beautiful pastel colors into your spring projects without compromising your sense of smell, then the Soft Focus Collection by For the Makers is just what you need. Added bonus: you can win $50 to buy one of your own (keep reading for how to enter)!

Dyeing with Kool AidThe full collection comes with four individual projects. Be sure to have all the materials in your kit prepped so you can do all of the dyeing at once.

Dyeing with Kool AidWhen I was a kid, I never thought that the Kool Aid that gave me blue lips would one day make it’s way into my craft toolbox as an adult, but I’m glad it did. Kool-Aid works great when dyeing natural materials like silk, cotton, and wool. You don’t want to add sugar to your dye solution, just a few teaspoons of Kool Aid powder and a cup of water.  For a complete color guide and mixing tips, click here.

Dyeing with Kool AidFirst up, the air plant holder! Mix your Kool Aid + water together and allow cup to sit in the liquid for about 1-2 minutes. You can hold the cup in place, or, if you choose to live on the edge, let the cup float and have the color hit where it may.

The base will fill up with liquid (dyeing the inside), so be careful when tipping out the dye to not get any on the outside. If you leave the cup in the liquid for too long it will crack; just keep an eye on it and remove once you’ve achieved the color you want.

Dyeing with Kool AidKool Aid also works as a type of watercolor. To personalize your stationery, simply dip a paint brush into your Kool Aid dye and paint as though you were working with watercolors. It’s fun to layer colors and experiment with patterns, like the splattered dots I did below.

Dyeing with Kool Aid

Dyeing with Kool AidYou can see the full tutorials for the other materials that come with the kit here.

Now for the extra fun part! One of you will win $50 to the For the Makers shop, which is one of my personal favorite shops online. There you’ll find kits, rhinestones, beads, tools, and more. Prepare to want everything! Enter below to win. Best of luck!

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For The Makers

  • For the Makers looks like a great spot for supplies! Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Oh! And I’d get the vintage opal glass to make sets of earrings for friends :)

  • Christina Child

    It would be really hard to decide… I loved all the vintage rhinestones and the vintage star crystals, plus lots of cute bracelets… I would need time to decide :)

    • Right there with you! So many gorgeous rhinestones to choose from!

  • Kristen Nelson

    Oooh – all the possibilities. The Sedona Sunset Collection is my favorite, and I love the Linda Link Necklace. Thank you for giveaway!

  • HelloLidy

    I had no idea you could do such cute stuff with Kool Aid!!! I would LOVE to do this to some curtains for the boys room – thanks for the inspiration :)


    • Ah that would be so cute for a boys room! It’s amazing how many colors you can actually create with Kool Aid. Perfect summer project :)

  • How cute! Love this.

  • lilo

    such a great idea, and a great giveaway!
    would love to win!!

  • agnesinwonderland

    I’d get the Ophelia Collection, and the soft focus!

  • I really like the brass bangles

  • Christy DuBois

    I really like the trellis drop earrings. There are so many cute items to choose from.

  • Melissa

    That planter is adorable! Cool idea. Thanks for sharing!

  • AlyssaVin

    I’m all about the Ophelia collection, the Orchid Key Fob, and their supplies of vintage stones!

  • You’re right, I want everything on this site! I had never heard of it before, but everything is so great- especially the Evening Grove Sachet. Lovely giveaway!

  • Um, how have I never heard of the site?! I love everything from the Winter Solstice collection, and those brass bangles!

  • Abra

    I am starry eyed over the Stella Collection!

  • Catherine

    So hard to chose – but I LOVE the lemon drop necklace!

  • Jeanette

    I’ve got to get the Rivoli Rhinestones to glamourize my party shoes.

  • Great idea with Kool-Aid! I love the blue magical look inside the cup, really pretty!

  • This is one of my favorite techniques!

  • oh man i’d have to spend an hour to pick what i’d get! but i love the project you made with the soft focus collection.

  • katie j.

    i love all the vintage stones!

  • This is so beautifully simple and YOU, Rachel! I remember back in elementary school girls would try to dye their hair with Kool Aid… which didn’t work for my dark hair, so I think I much prefer this ;)
    I’D LOVE to get the soft focus collection as well. The hanging planters would be so amazing to make!

  • MJ

    Yes to Kool Aid. Awesome package and giveaway, xo, MJ

  • There are SO many things I’d love to have from the shop, especially the La Pouchette wallet!
    Great project idea–it looks awesome :)

  • such a fun idea!! I might have to try some kool aid dyeing with my kiddos this summer ;)

  • I love this diy! I can’t wait to try it out!!

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  • Brittany Mitchell

    I always wanted to dye my hair with kool aid but it was too dark. Guess I will have to settle for dyeing some paper.

  • Lesley Johnston

    omg – i want everything! but i would start with the vintage brass bangle set and the brass cuffs

  • jcamom

    I LOVE for the makers. Perfect pairing between you both. I can’t wait to try the Kool-Aid dye!

  • atrulyenormousjourney

    Oh wow, the soft focus collection is great!

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  • What a fab project! I love your collabs with For the Makers. I’d love to pick up the kits for the Plymouth Necklace, South Seas Pouch, Fitzgerald Floral Embroidery, Naomi Sleep Mask…so many good ones!

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  • ashleyj

    Maybe I missed this, but what material is the air plant holder made of and where is from? Love the project. Thanks!

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