Dressing for the Holidays + DIY Brooch

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Dressing for the HolidaysDressing for the holidays has to be one of my favorite parts of the season. There’s so much more shimmer and glitter and fun! Like people wear actual bells on their clothes and it’s wonderful. If you’re looking change up your look, here are my tips for dressing for the holidays:  Continue reading…

DIY Temporary Tattoo Mugs

Make these DIY Temporary Tattoo Mugs in less than 10 minutes!If there’s one DIY technique I fell in love with this year, it’s working with temporary tattoos. With so many cute designs out there, it’s possibly the easiest way to add a fun design to common items, especially if you’re not an artist. Instead of hand painting mugs, and being bummed with the results, I added a temporary tattoo and was done with the project in under ten minutes. So if you are looking for the perfect last minute holiday gift– this is it! Here’s how:

Time: 10 minutes
Materials: mugs, temporary tattoos, decoupage, brush, sponge

Make these DIY Temporary Tattoo Mugs in less than 10 minutes! Continue reading…

DIY Photo Wall Tree

DIY Photo Wall Tree-- perfect for small spaces!Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving break and are ready to go full force into Christmas season!

Two weeks ago I shared how to make these DIY photo ornaments, but I realize that some of you don’t have space in your home for a tree. If you still want to display your memories from the year, and are limited with floor space, then this DIY photo wall tree is the perfect solution! Plus it’s super easy to make. Here’s how:

Time: 30 minutes
Materials: photos, wooden dowels, scissors, double sided tape, string, sandpaper

DIY Photo Wall Tree-- perfect for small spaces! Continue reading…

DIY Hot Cocoa Party Favors

DIY Hot Cocoa Party FavorsNow that cold weather is finally here, it means it’s officially hot cocoa season. That’s right, for the next few months we can all enjoy all the cocoa we want, guilt free! If you plan on entertaining during the holidays, or are just looking to make some quick stocking stuffers, these DIY hot cocoa favors are the perfect stress free project. Plus they look much cuter than an ordinary bag of cocoa. Here’s how you can whip up a set in about ten minutes:

Time: 10 minutes
Materials: hot cocoa, test tubes, funnel, tablespoon, marshmallows, twine

DIY Hot Cocoa Party FavorsI recommend using plastic test tubes instead of glass because the last thing we all want while crafting is to clean up shards of glass (take it from me). Plastic tubes will also help make this a kid friendly craft if you’re looking for a fun teachers gift project.

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