Colorful Christmas Home Tour

Colorful Christmas Home TourBefore taking off for the holidays, I wanted to share a look at how we decorated this year! Our space is a little limited since we live in a one bedroom in Brooklyn, but I wanted to fit in as much Christmas as I could (and had time + budget for). With a few DIYS and a lot of color, this may just be my favorite decor to date! This is a lonnngggg post, so let’s dive right in:

Colorful Christmas Home TourMy perfect blend of Christmas decor is handmade + vintage with a few select new items. For the desk space (find the DIY for it here), I moved items off of my shelf and into storage so that we’d have more room to put out the Christmas village we made last year. Gift boxes are a great way to hide clutter/double as storage while still being perfect for the holidays if you don’t have a ton of space to move everything. 

Colorful Christmas Home Tour

Colorful Christmas Home Tour

Colorful Christmas Home TourThe nutcrackers are some of my favorite pieces because of how I got them. My dad and I went to an auction while I was visiting him in Kentucky and I won them for $2! Such a steal! This is such a big reason I love those vintage + handmade pieces because there’s always a special memory attached — just another way to make Christmas that much happier!

Colorful Christmas Home Tour

Colorful Christmas Home TourDon’t ask me how this started, but I’ve started collecting snow globes. And I’m so happy about it. I have a few for the holidays, but this was a new one I picked up this year at Home Goods (part of their St. Judes charity line). 

Colorful Christmas Home TourAnother collection I’m growing is my bottle brush trees– I’m addicted! Ryan’s going to have to cut me off, but I just can resist them. I’m hoping to find more pink and yellow within the coming years. I’m also going to try dyeing my own next year so that I have a full rainbow!

Colorful Christmas Home TourOur stockings were a quick Target purchase when we first moved in together, but have actually served us really well. And bonus, this year they match the color of our tree! Eventually I’d like to make our own, but that may go on the back burner until we start a family. 

Colorful Christmas Home TourI got these brass deer at a thrift store in Florida and they fit so perfectly on our bar cart! Next year I plan on attaching a small red felt ball nose on one of theme to really just go all in. Every year I tend to decorate, run out of time, and just put it on the list for next year. Anyone else do this?!

Colorful Christmas Home TourNow, our tree. OUR PINK TREE!!! It’s from Treetopia (was graciously gifted to us) and just the right size. The only space we have for the tree is between our bedroom door and the space where our washer + dryer are (only 36″). Thankfully we were able to get a slim tree which is narrow enough to fit the space without looks super skinny. It also helps that it’s 7′ tall!

Colorful Christmas Home TourFor the bulbs, I have a vintage ornament collection (again won at an action with my dad). After seeing Michael’s tree from Inspired by Charm, I really wanted to follow all of his advice and give our tree a theme. Ribbon, garlands, the whole works! We narrowed down our colors and then bought new glass bulbs to supplement any that we didn’t have enough of in that vintage color. I couldn’t believe that we were able to find decent matches (here’s where we got them).

I love our mismatched ornament collection, and will try to bring it in more next year, but this tree was such a fun one to create and a little of a creative challenge, which clearly I’m all about. To tie the look all together, I painted our tree skirt

Colorful Christmas Home TourAnd finally, the gift wrapped gallery wall! 10/10 will be doing this again next year, most likely with a new theme too! It was one of the project where half way through I wasn’t sure if it was going to come together, but it did and I just love it so much. It was so hard decorating that space because of the lack of surface area, so this worked perfectly.

Another trick is to swap out house plants for poinsettias! You can see what the space looked like before when I shared my tips on how to make a TV gallery wall.

Colorful Christmas Home TourOh and how could I forget the DIY Candy Cane Wreath?! It takes 10 minutes minutes to make and ties into our tree theme of pink peppermint PERFECTLY! 

Colorful Christmas Home TourSo that’s our house! If you have any questions or need any sources, just drop a note in the comments. This was the first time I’ve ever shared a home tour of this nature, so I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll try to do it more often (and for other holidays) too if you want. Again– just let me know!

Wishing you all safe travels and a very Merry Christmas!!


Colorful Christmas Home Tour