How to Make Glitter Shoes

Time: ~3 hours + additional dry time
Materials: glitter, decoupage, brush, shoes

How to Make Glitter ShoesAfter posting this photo to Instagram, it became pretty clear that you guys love glitter shoes as much as I do. And while the ones in my photo are unfortunately out of stock, you can easily make your own, for under $20 too!

How to Make Glitter ShoesI found these sneakers on Amazon, but you could easily use a pair of shoes you already own like Dear Handmade Life did. I also made a custom blend of glitter, using a full bottle of both the pink & red plus half of the gold. If you buy a large enough container of glitter, you can skip this step.

How to Make Glitter ShoesWorking in small sections, smoothly apply the decoupage. You don’t want to cover the entire shoe because it could dry before you time you get to apply the glitter. When you start glittering, work over a piece of paper so that you can continue to recycle the excess glitter as you go. You also will want to stuff your shoes with paper do that the toe section stays firm and so that you can keep glitter from falling into your shoe.

After your first coat, let your shoe dry for a few hours. If you rush the second coat, your brush will pull up the glitter you previously applied. Repeat the same steps for the second coast. Let sit until completely dry and then seal with a layer of decoupage. Once the decoupage is dry (I recommend leaving overnight), your shoes are ready for a day on the town!

**One thing that I wish I would have done here is tape over the non canvas parts of the shoe (specifically the rubber  that goes around the base of the shoe). Because of the grooves, the glitter did not clean up as easily as I anticipated.

How to Make Glitter Shoes



  • Maritza

    Awesome! Love this … now I’m looking for canvas shoes… :)

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Oh yay, that’s so exciting! Let me know how the project turns out :)

    • Kate Johnson

      Was just looking through this week’s AC Moore ad and noticed that they appear to have them all of the time, but this week (through May 23rd, 2015) they are on sale for $4.99. It says “Fashion Canvas Sneakers” and the image is of the same style shoe, but in different colors and designs, but they are usually good for “plain” versions of their goods as well as “fashion” versions. Hope that helps.

  • Amy

    Ah, ha! That’s how you made those gorgeous gold glitter shoes. I MUST do this!!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Every blogger needs glitter shoes, right?! All time favorite shoe :)

  • Cassandra Monroe

    These are the cutest! What a fun project perfect for a rainy weekend in.

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Thanks Cassandra! Glitter may be a little messy, but it’s alwayssss worth it :)

  • Monique

    Wow! I love these! So cute!


  • Shay

    But you’re wearing pants!!!?

    Super cute shoes! Do you leave a little happy, shiny trail everywhere you go ;D

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      hahah bless you for noticing! Confession: I only put them on for the shoot. I didn’t even button them, ha!

      And surprisingly, and maybe unfortunately, no! The decoupage does a great job sealing everything together :)

  • Laura – Paper&Pin

    Sooooo cute! I need some of these! Fab idea :)

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Thank you so much Laura!

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  • Kate Johnson

    These are adorable! I love the color, too. Do you know if it’s possible to water-proof these after you are done? My husband got some spray-on waterproofing stuff, and was wondering if that would make them any more durable. (I’m really, REALLY hard on shoes without meaning to!) Thank you for the great pics and everything you do to help us get glittery and gorgeous!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      The decoupage actually waterproofs the glitter! If you use it on glass, the items can make it through a wash in the dishwasher. It probably doesn’t hurt to layer up though.

      So happy you liked the project Kate! Let me know how they turn out if you give it a try :)

      • Molly Porter

        What type of decoupage did you use? I usually rely on the good old standby Mod Podge (plain matte finish – the yellow bottle) but I don’t think those would be waterproof, and I’m also worried about cracking once it’s dried. Any advice?

        • Rachel Mae Smith

          Of course, Molly! I use the decoupage from martha stewart (they have it in matte and satin). You can use it on glass and run it through the dishwasher after, so I bet it’ll be waterproof!

          Hopefully this helps :)

  • E. S. R

    These are too cute, I have tons of glitter left from Christmas….but I may try the glitter paint I have!

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Ooo how fun! Do let me know how that process turns out, I’d be interested to hear!

  • Tell Love Chocolate

    these are the cutest!!!! mIght need to make some for the 4th ;)

    • Rachel Mae Smith

      Yessss, oh how cute! It would be fun to see these with red and blue glitter for sure!

  • Jinan Diva Calista


  • Jenessa

    I have a question. I tried made these and when I walk where the shoe would naturally bend the glitter actually breaks apart. I was curious if this happened to you as well and if not what am I doing wrong?