Renter Friendly Patio Makeover

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Guys! I am so beyond excited to share my patio makeover with you today! I really didn’t think it was possible to make my concrete apartment space into something beautiful, but now it’s possibly my favorite space that I’ve ever decorated. And y’all, everything I did is completely renter friendly, so you can recreate the look for yourself without worrying about upsetting your landlord. If you want to send me wine as a thank you, just email me for my address, k?

Now, on to the makeover!

Renter friendly patio makeover. Click through for full before and after!Okay, so let’s talk about the before. There were a few issues with my previous space. First, the astroturf and table just didn’t weather well through the winter. Not only that, but they made the space feel super small since it was only a table for two in the corner. So much of my patio was left unused and I rarely found myself using the space because of it.  Continue reading…

City Guide: Wildwood, NJ

Travel Guide: Wildwood, NJHappy Monday friends! I know typically for city guides I give you all the dirt you in on where to go and what to do, but this one has a bit of a twist to it since I didn’t actually stay in Wildwood. Why even share then, I’m sure you might be wondering. Well, I came across Tyler Haughey’s photo series of retro motels and decided to go and do one of my own!

It turns out as a beach town in off season, everything is completely empty. There was even one point where I was the only person on the beach. I was able to explore freely and take photos without having to wait for people to get out of the shot. Plus, guys, how could I not share these colors with you?! They’re a pastel spring dream. Okay, okay, enough talking! Here are the photos!

Travel Guide: Wildwood, NJ

Continue reading…

Friday Links

Friday LinksHappy Friday friends! Not sure how you’re all feeling, but spring fever is in full effect over here. Plus I am avoiding doing my taxes with every fiber in my being, so the sunshine really just does not help. I hope you’re able to take some time to enjoy the new season, and if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration to keep you focused, here are some fun links you won’t want to miss:

– This giant pegboard DIY is a dream project!

– A guest bedroom I want to live in.

– Beautiful pocket wall organizers made from a lotion bottle! Whaaaat?!

– Major purse goals.

– These Easter treats are too cute!


PS check out more photos from my shoot from Max Grudzinski here!

15 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

15 Ways to Decorate Easter EggsGuys, I think I can say this without us getting another snowstorm, but I think it’s finally 100% spring! If you live in Philly and on the off chance it happens, I am not totally not blame.

Easter is just around the corner and what would the holiday be without a little egg decorating? Every year I am blown away by what people come up with for how to decorate their eggs. I’ve never really been that good at it, I’m more of a chocolate egg girl myself, but boy can I admire them. Here are 15 tutorials that are great if you’re looking to go beyond the store bought dye this year!

15 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs1. Flower Easter Eggs by Freutcake

15 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs2. Marbled Easter Eggs by Alice and Lois

15 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs3. Brushstroke Painted Eggs by Tell Love and Party

15 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs4. Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs by The Crafted Life

15 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs5. Alphabet Easter Eggs by Lovely Indeed

15 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs6. Botanical Easter Eggs by The House That Lars Built  Continue reading…