Where to Buy Fabric Online

5 Places to buy Fabric Online

I’ll admit it, I do most of my craft supply shopping online. Of course when I have the time, I love to just go and browse aimlessly; seriously, walking through Michael’s is the best. But since we don’t have a car, the internet is the fastest way to get what I need and get back to my day.

When researching online fabric retailers before making this DIY Mousepad, I came across the following amazing shops that you should absolutely check out!

1. Form & Fabric— loads of cute and modern prints (including the Cotton + Steel pictured above) at a great price. They also have amazing customer service. I’m talking about above and beyond here! Here’s the print I used for the Mousepad project. **UPDATE– store now closed, so I’m adding one more to the list**

2. Drygoods Design— based in Seattle, WA. They sell fun and playful prints and even have a cute goods section.

3. Superbuzzy— Where do I even begin, they have everything! Loads of fabric options, kits, trimmings and more. If you’re attending Craftcation, you’ll be able to checkout their store in person.

4. Spoonflower— Choose from several independently designed fabrics, or even make your own! Great for when you have something specific in mind.

5. Britex Fabrics— If you’ve ever been to their store in SF, then I don’t have to tell you twice about their stuff! A bit pricey, but a wide, quality selection.

6. Minted— If you ever shopped here for art, you’ll also love their quality fabric designed by independent makers/designers. Although it’s a bit more expensive per yard, you’ll still want all of their modern and fresh designs.

5 Places to buy Fabric Online

Do you ever shop for fabric online? If so, what are your favorite shops?

PS Huge thanks to Christine Haynes for the recommendations!

  • SO helpful. I had only heard of Spoonflower before, so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

  • thank you very much for these great article , embroidered curtain fabric

  • i’ve mainly been buying fat quarter bundles from westwood acres and have been pretty happy with what i’ve gotten so far.

    • Oh awesome! I’d definitely have to check that out. Thanks Carrie!

  • Mindy B.

    For quilting fabrics, Hawthorne Threads and Fabricworm are my go to places as they are big with lots of choices. They have a smaller selection, but Pink Castle Fabrics and Westwood Acres Fabrics also do a good job.

    Form & Fabric is going out of business, FYI.

    • Oh I knowww, it’s such a bummer!

      Thanks for those recommendations Mindy. Looks like I might have to update my list a bit :)

  • edillow

    Hawthorne Threads! They are delightful, great customer service, great newsletter, great collection.

  • Jamie

    Fabric Depot in Portland, Oregon. They’re an amazing retail store, too. = )

    • Oh awesome! I’ll definitely have to check them out. Thanks Jamie!

  • mari_lobsterliving

    form and fabric are closing soon… :(

    • I know– so bummed! Be sure to stock up while you still can :)

  • Kristee Mills

    fabric.com is one of my favorites

    • i can see right through you

      I agree, my favorite too!

  • Celeste Wiggins

    thousandsofbolts.com is great and also connectingthreads.com

  • Stephanie

    Hancocks of Paducah is another with LOADS of choices, and the prices are comparable to others.

  • Lulu

    If you’re in Canada, fabricspark.com is the best! Beautiful website and a great selection of fabrics. Modern, clean, and very quick service.

  • Nan

    boltandspool.com has Liberty, wools, knits, flannels and awesome patterns by named, By Hand London, Sewaholic, Sewhouse Seven, Victory, and ribbons by Renaissance, Mokuba and Shindo.

  • i can see right through you

    Fabric.com is by far the best of any online fabric stores!

  • Kristina

    Have you been to PatioLane.com? Don’t forget about them. They have some great collections by some big names (Nate Berkus, Vern Yip) and also some beautiful fabrics you may not have heard of. And as they say, I’m not only a spokesperson, I’m also a client!

  • Debbie and Jim Firebaugh

    I love fabricguru.com.

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  • Janice

    I also like PatioLane.com. A lot of people know the “usual suspects,” but for me, Patio Lane is like when you have that good band that your friends don’t know about yet. Check them out!

  • Amanda Bucha

    bigduckcanvas.com has some of the best prices I have seen on all kinds of canvas. There website isn’t as fancy as some of these listed, but they are true wholesalers and offer deals on cut yardage.

  • joanna boone

    fabricville.com is wonderful and also canadian therefor very competitive in price against a strong us dollar!

  • Getting1

    I love fabricmart.com – I’ve gotten some designer fabrics for as little as $1 an yard, on sale. Sometimes patience pays.

  • Hannah

    Just wanted to let you all know about a Online fabric store I stumbled across called http://www.endoflinefabrics.co.uk/ – they are a designer fabric outlet with designers from Anna French, to Swaffer, To Fryetts and more but at up to 80% off the retail price. I found a material i liked, so order a free sample which was with me the next day, then I ordered it that day and had my material delivered to me the following day, I had ordered over 30 meters of material and it only cost me £4.95 in P&P, which is fantastic and the material was exactly what I wanted, I shall definitely use them again and i thought i’d share the love on this one. Happy Shopping.

  • MsMoomMist

    Thank you for some great new places. I have been buying fabric online for about 7 years at lots of the places listed below and fabric.com and Hawthorne are my favorite, also JoAnn’s have coupons for free shipping for xx amounts of $$. Also, belong to http://fabshophop.com/free-patterns_at_fabshophop.asp and do the shop hops to find lots of great deals and what is new.

  • Sanjeev Patni

    IndiaFabs makes high quality fabrics and soft-furnishings. It specializes in fabrics like silk, woven, polyester, plain or with embroidery for décor and apparel.

    View us online : http://www.indiafabs.com

  • Nancy Arnold

    New online fabric store: http://www.SantaFeFabrics.com. We love unusual fabrics, natural fabrics, fabrics for cutting-edge fashion designers and creatives. Our retail store was so busy, and now this online store will carry the best of the best from Santa Fe Fabrics’ unique inventory of hand-curated, gorgeous fabrics from around the world! We love ikats, African textiles, Japanese fabrics, hand-dyed and handwoven fabrics, Liberty of London, wools, silks… tell us what you think!
    Nancy and friends, SantaFeFabrics

  • Virpal Singh

    Have you ever checked muteyaar online fabric store? Fine quality fabrics at best prices with international quick shipping… Just awesome.
    Here is the link …. http://shopping.muteyaar.org/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=53&pg=store

  • thanks for sharing this article. Really helpful topic about how to buy fabrics online

  • Amy

    Check out weaveup.com for customizable color/scale fabric designs!

  • Jeff Hampster

    I would recommend this quilt shop that i know.


  • Facebook User

    Check out https://emfab.com.au/. They have beautiful quality Fashion and Patchwork fabric