Instagram Recap: June 2015

June Instagram Recap by @thecraftedlifeHappy July everyone! Oh man did June just fly right on by, or what? After looking back at my Instagram photos for the month, it almost seems like it came and went all in a blur. Probably because I’ve been miserable and sweaty for weeks because of this never ending heatwave in Portland. Insert gross face emojis here. Here’s a quick recap of non-disgusting things that happened:

June Instagram Recap by @thecraftedlifeSo the biggest thing that happened in June was my trip to Ohio, which is where I grew up. The original plan was to surprise my dad for father’s, but it turns out that I can’t keep a secret at all and told him months in advance. I just get too excited! It was nice seeing family and old friends again, and of course it’s always nice to recharge the batteries a bit. This photo is of the theater where I saw the new Jurassic Park movie, which I did not hate at all!

June Instagram Recap by @thecraftedlifeWe also ended up staying in an Airbnb in Kentucky for a night when we went to a Red’s game. They had this tile in their kitchen and I just fell in love! Oh the things I would do if I owned instead of rented.

June Instagram Recap by @thecraftedlifeAshley of Sugar & Cloth sent me the cutest macarons! Sometimes a piece of snail mail can make your entire day better, don’t you think?

June Instagram Recap by @thecraftedlifeAnd of course the highlight of the month, and even the year, was that marriage became a constitutional right. I can’t even begin to express how wonderful it was to scroll through nothing but rainbow colored photos celebrating love last weekend. Seriously, how do we keep that going? It feels like a good time to be alive friends.

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  • Monique | WritingMonique

    Lovely recap! I absolutely loved your photo of the cinema. It’s the most gorgeous cinema I have ever seen, for sure!


  • The weather up North has been nuts! Like 110 degrees on the WA coast, nuts. I feel for you. I obviously haven’t been making friends with the right people since I’ve never been mailed desserts – that is so incredibly sweet.

    June definitely flew by, so much so I didn’t even get a chance to post my rainbow pictures anywhere! Here’s to an awesome (but cooler) July.