How to Line Envelopes

Time: 40 minutes (for set of 10)
Materials: envelope, paper, tape runner, bone folder, scissors, pencil

How to Line Envelopes As if I haven’t said this enough, the holidays are one of my favorite times of the year. Part of why I love the season so much is because of the cards. I love to receive them (especially the funny ones), but I also love sending them. To give mine a little extra oomph this year, I lined the envelopes! Here’s how:

How to Line Envelopes Depending on your envelope, you may be able to buy an envelope liner template. I decided to make my own, by opening up an envelope and measuring/tracing the space I wanted to line. Once you have your template, it’s pretty easy!

Trace and cut out your liner. You don’t want the liner paper to be too thick, otherwise it might be hard to get the envelope to close. Place inside your envelope and fold as if you were sealing it. Press the outside with a bone folder to get a crisper/cleaner fold.

Open back up and secure the liner in place with the tape runner. You don’t need to worry about the paper further down, just the visible part. Press with a bone folder and you’re done! It’s such a great way to add a personal and beautiful touch to any card, don’t you think?

How to Line EnvelopesI ordered our cards from Minted this year LOVE them. If you’re short on time, but still want your envelopes lined, Minted will do that for you! They will also address your envelopes for free, which honestly was a huge help considering how busy things are around this time of year. How to Line Envelopes

How to Line Envelopes



  • HelloLidy

    Absolutely love this! Your pictures are perfection and I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you this, but you have the prettiest hands!!!


    • GIRL, thank you! I lucked out with the perfect overcast day for this shoot :)

  • Kate Johnson

    I just saw a DIY project for lining envelopes last night for the first time, and when I clicked on it, discovered that there were ZERO directions, just images, and then a link to an Etsy shop! While I’d already figured that this was how it was done, it is SO reassuring to know for sure, as well as finding out what should be used to attach the paper to the envelope! Thank you again: I’m browsing your gallery and bookmarking projects I’d like to do; I binge crafts/DIY project sites like others binge-watch TV series!! Thanks!

    • Im so glad you found me Kate! And yes, a tape runner works beautifully for this project. It secures the paper well without any bulk! Plus they’re just really fun to use :)