Beauty: Makeup Bag Roundup

Must Have Makeup Bags

Happy Tuesday friends! If you read my goals for 2018 post yesterday, then you know that the content for each month is now going to have a focused theme. And what better way to kick it all off than with January’s theme.. beauty! Because I’m 30 and without a regular beauty routine, I thought it would be fun to explore all things makeup, skin care, etc. I’ll be sharing some fun DIYS, working my way through online tutorials from beauty bloggers, testing new products, and sharing the results with you all month long.

But before I invest in all these products, I think it’s only right to get a new makeup bag to keep everything in. Here are seven colorful ones I found and loved, but I can’t decide which to get! I’m leaning towards #1 or #6, but need some help. What’s your favorite?!

1. Hearts

2. Watermelon

3. Jelly + Gelato Beauty Bag

4. Neon Stripes

5. Bleeding Hearts

6. Lips

7. Bonjour Bag