DIY Brushstroke Planter

Time: 25 minutes
Materials: planter, Montana acrylic paint markers

DIY Brushstroke Planter + @MONTANADIY Giveaway!

This week is an exciting week friends! For the next three days, I’ll be partnering with Montana (you might remember their paint from this project), to bring you DIYS you can do with their spray paint and acrylic paint markers. Plus, they’ll be giving away 6 cans of paint AND 6 markers to not one, but three readers, so be sure to come back each day to see the projects and enter to win!

First up, how to makeover a basic planter in 25 minutes (with little cleanup):

DIY Brushstroke Planter + Montana GOLD Paint Giveaway!

DIY Brushstroke Planter + Montana GOLD Paint Giveaway!If you’d like the planter to be anything but terra cotta, paint it! I chose white so the colors would really pop.

DIY Brushstroke Planter + @MONTANADIY Giveaway!My favorite thing about these markers is that they cut my crafting and clean up time in half. I’m so use to pouring paint on a tray, cleaning my brush between each color, then washing up after (typically spilling it at some point in there). For the markers, all you do is shake and take the cap off. Seriously amazing.

DIY Brushstroke Planter + Montana GOLD Paint Giveaway!There are several different tip sizes, but I used the 15mm so that when applied at an angle, it would produce an effect similar to a brushstroke. I recommend practicing on a sheet of paper first so you get used to the feel of the marker. Go around your pot, changing colors as you go, until you achieve the look you want.

DIY Brushstroke Planter + @MONTANADIY Giveaway!Let dry and pot your plant!

DIY Brushstroke Planter + @MONTANADIY Giveaway!

DIY Brushstroke Planter + @MONTANADIY Giveaway!

DIY Brushstroke Planter + @MONTANADIY Giveaway!And now the best part– you can win the supplies you need to create your own! Colors will vary from what’s listed below, but here’s everything (three of you) will win:

DIY Brushstroke Planter + Montana GOLD Paint Giveaway!Giveaway open to US and Canada residents only. Open until 5pm PST 10/17. Best of luck!

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  • Nicole |

    So fun!!! I can only imagine what I’d do with those psints on future furniture projects!

    • Oh meeee too! So many colors for you to choose from too. Best of luck Nicole!

  • Monique |

    Amazing planter! Looks very festive! So sad I live in The Netherlands now :( Good luck to everyone entering the give-away!

    • Oh no, sorry to hear you can’t partake in this one Monique! Glad you like the planter :)

  • Love these! It’s amazing how something so simple can look so cute!

  • Kristin Peterson

    Looks so easy and fun! I love bright colors. Always looking for new ideas in how to add color to my home. :)

    • I feel ya there! I use Montana as my go to for that reason. Their colors are always so bright and rich :)

  • Kristen Gee

    Ooh, I like their Venom color, and that they include hex codes! Mmm, Butta too.

  • Shannon Crabill


  • The link didnt work, so I had to search and find their site on my own…..I like Window, Bettertimes, and lilac. and Pool… I found their color finder, which is really cool. I found Pink Pink and Viola are nice colors too.

    • Sorry about that Jennifer, all fixed now. Thanks for the heads up! Excellent color choices by the way. Pink Pink is one of my favorites :)

      • I love the pink pink!!! and dolphins is nice too. I saw a shock turquoise on one of their pages that was exquisite!! Link works now, thanks.

  • Dandi D

    I really like the Elm color and the Pebble color.

  • Ok that’s AMAZING I had no idea those markers could exist! I NEED them! Love all the colors you used <3 I'm already quite partial to Malachite, and is that a metallic copper I spy in the image??

  • Laurel (A Bubbly Life)

    Those markers look awesome! Gleaming pink is my choice ;)

  • manda

    Yellow light… I like them all :)

  • Jenna

    Seriously awesome markers and so many pretty colors! I’m really into the raspberry one.

  • Rebecca Greco

    There are so many pretty colors but I really love Dolphin, Aqua, and Reef.

  • Krista

    So many nice colors but i’ll just say viola, ketchup, and the gold matt

  • Karla E

    I love them all but especially Golden yellow and dolphin.

  • hell0lani

    I’m loving Montana Gold-Gonzo & Montana Black-Irmgard & Sorrento Blue.

  • Marisa

    Flame Blue is pretty fun!

  • manda

    Easter yellow.

  • Hannah Wingard

    Frozen Rasberry

  • Robin Emma

    Blood Orange

  • Dandi D

    My favorite might be the Pebble color.

  • pink pink!

  • Marlene

    I love all the colors so hard to make a choice. One of my favorite colors is malachite.

  • Kylie Mccartney

    I love the color dolphins! Love the name too.

  • It’s a tie between dirty apricot and pool :)

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  • manda

    I like fern green

  • Dandi D

    I really like the Pebble color.

  • I’m in love with Aqua, Salmon and Liberty colors!

  • It’s pretty, different & fun to make :)

    ps.: I tried to enter the giveaway, but I’m not sure it worked… nothing happened

    • Hey Regina! Were you able to follow Montana on Pinterest? Once you do, you can unlock other options for entry! Happy to manually enter your info if you can’t get it, so just let me know!

  • manda


  • Dandi D

    I really like the Elm color.

  • Birdiebee

    My favorite color is Bermuda.
    G5030 / BERMUDA
    G5030 / BERMUDAG5030 / BERMUDA
    G5030 / BERMUDA.

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  • Dandi D

    The Pebble and Elm colors are my favorites.

  • Ary Martinez

    Rusto Coat and Poison Pastel!

  • agnesinwonderland

    I’d love to use the Golden Yellow!!

  • Kristen Nelson

    It’s not technically a color, but the mat gold is gorgeous.

  • I’m so in love with those pens! Thanks for the introduction Rachel! I really had no idea about these. And now that I do…well…mwahahaha!! I love the coffee colors. Latte and Cappucino are my favorite…though I’m a little biased when it comes to coffee ;)

  • Coral

    Malachite is gorgeous, as well as Dirty Apricot and Rusto Coat.

  • Sara White

    My fav color is Malachite!!

  • Melissa

    Lots of awesome colors in this giveaway! Pool might be my fave. :)

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